Goddess: Divine Energy

New South Wales: Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2006. 9.5 x 12", 279 pp., fully illustrated in color, glossary, bibliography, index, paper. Item #92
ISBN: 0734763964

Accompanying a major exhibition, this lavish and engaging book surveys the imaginative expressions of the divine female found in the art of India, Tibet and Nepal.

Countless images of the goddess in Hindu and Buddhist art depict her variously as seductive, benevolent, malevolent: a loving mother, a compassionate saviour or rage personified. With her male counterpart she can be the compliant consort, the passionate lover, or a symbol of the non-duality of ultimate reality.

Arranged thematically, to include sections on Prakriti, Goddesses in Hinduism, and Tantra, Goddesses in Buddhism. With 20 short chapters and illustrating over 170 paintings and sculptures, from the early centuries through the 20th century, this is an excellent survey of this complex and fascinating topic.

Exhibition 13 October - 28 January 2007.

Price: $60.00