The Brush and the Stone: The Dr Dean Edell Collection of Chinese Art

Hong Kong: Art Media Resources, Inc., 1998. Hardcover. 8.5 x 12", 142 pp., over 200 color illustrations, cloth, Item #72
ISBN: 1878529544

Beautifully produced, this comprehensive catalogue of 100 selected items from Dr. Dean Edell Collection consists of two sections: 32 Chinese works of art both imperial and scholarly, including screens, brushes, inkstones, jade carvings and related items, and a separate section devoted to Chinese snuff bottles. The bottles are largely Imperial workshop jade snuff bottles of the Qianlong period, offering various shape and design associated with Palace workshops. Incised poetry by Emperor Qianlong fully translated offers an insight to period thoughts. The Collection also includes some items from the famous Erik Hancock Collection and those illustrated in Bob Steven's Collector's Book of Snuff Bottles.

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