Promenade dans l'art japonaise: Volume I: Netsuke - Art, magie et medecine Volume II: Inro - Art, magie et medecine

9 x 12.25", Volume I: Netsuke - 357 pp., 555 color illustrations, 5 full pages of signatures, index, text in French and English with some Japanese text; Volume II: 343 pp., 450 color illustrations, 3 full pages of signatures, French Lexicon, appendix, index, text in French and English with some Japanese text, cloth, d.j., Paris, 2006. **Due to its size and weight, the shipping cost is $10.95(USA address) and $65.00 (International)*. Item #60
ISBN: 2952665508

The first volume Netsuke: Art, magic and medicine presents talismanic and apotropaoque functions. Discussed are the explanations of the frequency of certain subjects as well as corrections of mistakes in interpretation. Also includes a presentation of the largest Masters of Netsuke and a selection of their works with the study of the techniques and materials used.

The second volume Inro - Art, magic and medicine is devoted to the study of Inro and smoker's set. The evolution of these objects during the Edo and Meiji periods with the origin of their decorations is also discussed. Principal families of lacquerers are highlighted. A reproduction of the signatures is illustrated.

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