The Baur Collection: Japanese Prints (2 Volumes)

Geneva: Baur Collection, 1995. 2. Hardcover, color illustrations, glossary, index, cloth. Item #58
ISBN: 2880310075

The last and the tenth of the series, this long-awaited, magnificent catalog showcases masterpieces of Japanese prints housed in the Baur Collection. The collection comprises more than 600 prints, spanning from the 18th century, 'classical' period, through the 19th century, with its strong holding in the 19th century triptychs.

Highlights of the 18th-century prints include fine groups of compositions by Harunobu; Katsukawa school actor prints; a fair group of fashionable ladies and courtesans by Kiyonaga, Utamaro and Eishi; some large-head portraits of actors by Sharaku; and a few exceptional actor portaits by Toyokuni.

For the 19th century, highlights are some rare landscape designs by Hokusai; and some extremely rare complete series such as the 'Eight Views of Edo' and the 'Views of Nikko Mountain' by Eisen, and the 'Views of Kyoto' by Hiroshige. As for the beautiful women prints, bijinga, highlights include an exceptionally large group of triptych compositions by Kunisada, Kuniyoshi and Hiroshige.

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