Ode to Japanese Pottery. Robert Lee Yellin.

Ode to Japanese Pottery

Tokyo: Coherence, 2004. Hardcover. Item #39
ISBN: 4907731051

"Living with Japanese pottery has opened my eyes to a world of beauty and thought. It has guided my senses and spirit to an understanding of daily living as an opportunity to experience the divine in the routine of motions of life. Using Japanese pottery has allowed me to appreciate everyday crafts that, when properly arranged and balanced, enter into the realm of art and into one''''s life and personality. It has been this way for centuries in Japan and continues into the present." Robert Yellin

In the world of Japanese pottery lie the aesthetic sensibilities of traditional Japanese culture. Robert L. Yellin, ceramic art columnist for the Japan Times, delivers in this detailed volume a luminous insight into modern and contemporary Japanese pottery, in particular ceramic sake cups and flasks.

Originally written in 1995 for a Japanese audience, Ode to Japanese Pottery is an ideal introduction to those unacquainted to Japanese pottery, and a welcome asset to the libraries of Japanese ceramic art collectors and connoisseurs. Above all, Ode to Japanese Pottery gives the reader a grasp of the unique and delicate aesthetics of Japan, an aesthetic that has long captivated artists and art lovers the world over.

Also includes a glossary of Japanese ceramic art terms, history of Japanese sake vessels, and index.

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