Yang Yanping (Softcover). Michael Sullivan.

Yang Yanping (Softcover)

Chicago: Art Media Resources, Inc., 2004. 10.75 x 11.75", 244 pp., 220 color plates, paper, Item #142
ISBN: 1588860728

With works exhibited at the British Museum, among other renowned institutions, Yang Yangping is best known for her Lotus painting. For in them she has developed her unique, highly personal technique to the point of absolute maturity, as she explores the endless variety of the lotus plant, which changes from green youth through maturity to old age when the hot sun burns through the now translucent and tatterred leaves.

Much has been written about the meaning of lotus in her work, as a Buddhist symbol of purity rising out of the mud of material things. Modern Chinesse writers and poets have seized on this image to condemn the corruption of present-society. In the era of conceptual art, Yan Yangping stands as one of the most prominent among Chinese contemporary painters.

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