Life of Buddha Sakyamuni and the 53 Visits of Sudhana

Hong Kong: Buddhist Culture Research Institute of China, 1996. Hardcover. 10 x 14", approx. 350 pp., fully illustrated in color, text in English and Chinese, illustrated cloth, slipcase, Item #102

This 2-volume set illustrates in its entirely 2 picture albums: The Life of Buddha Sukyamuni and The 53 Visits of Sudhana, now kept in the Shanxi Provincial Museum. The are copies of the wall paintings of the Chongshan Monastery (formerly called Baima Si) in Tai Yuan city, Shanxi province, which has a long history since the Tang dynasty. The first depicts the life and achievements of the Buddha and the latter a story of Sudhana's attainment of Buddhahood. These two precious paintings are gems of Budhist art exquisitely reproduced in this exclusive set.

Price: $250.00