The Diamond Sutra & Paintings of Guanyin and Luohan

Hong Kong: Buddhist Culture Research Institute of China, 1997. Hardcover. 10.5 x 14.5", approx. 150 pp., fully illustrated in color, cloth, decorative wooden-patterned box. Item #101
ISBN: 9627714054

The Diamond Sutra is a very popular Buddhist text in China and is the scripture used by the Chan School of Buddhism to verify the state of mind of its practioners ever since the time of the sixth patriarch Hui Neng. The sutra reproduced here is dated the reign of Emperor Jiaqing (1796-1820), Qing dynasty, and the text is penned by Qian Shi, a jinshi (a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations). Altogether there are 21 paintings of the Guanyin and 9 of Luohan, rendered in the fine-line, monochromatic style of Li Gonglin.

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